How to Join The Conference with a Mobile Device

How to join with a Mobile Device

Please refer to the sliders below for how to join the conference with a mobile device.
Click on the Conference link
1. Making use of the link:
The link redirects to the Microsoft Teams page.
2. A. If you already have Microsoft Teams App installed on your
mobile device, click on the “Join the meeting” button.
2. B. If you do not have the Microsoft Teams App installed on
your phone then click on the “Get Teams”
button to download the APP.
The page will redirect to the App store to download the App.
3. From the APP store, click on the install button to download
the App to your Mobile Device.
4. After the App is successfully installed into your Mobile
click the open button to run the App.
5. Relaunch the AFBA link as mentioned on screen 1.

The click on the join the meeting button.

6. Enter your name to join the meeting

7. Allowing Microsoft Teams to use your microphone.

Microsoft Team will prompt you of the permission to use your
Microphone, please click on “Allow” to accept.

8. At the meeting

When the conference is going on you will be admitted
immediately to join.

But in case the conference is yet to start you will see
this screen.

Are you still having issues joining the meeting?

In case you have issues joining the meeting from your device;

  1. Make Sure the Microsoft Teams App is downloaded to your device.
  2. Run the App
  3. Sign up with your email address.
  4. Relaunch the AFBA conference link
  5. When the Microsoft Teams App loads, sign in with your just created details to join the meeting.